Finding the one whose heart beat matches yours is something we really have to be patient to see, we have either being too heartbroken to see love in its true form or we don’t truly understand it, while some ladies are totally oblivious to all the care and attention being shown to them, maybe you are simply scared. Whatever be yiur reasons thwy are valid, but ot would not be okay at all to miss out on all the love you could receive, how do I really know if a guy loves me or my man is in love with me?

Here are signs you can’t ignore

  1. He enjoys spending time with you

If a guy really loves you, he will create time to see you, he will set times and dates just to be with you, he never gets tired of the little conversations, he just wants to be with you and he would make sure he keeps in touch with you as aften as possible.

A guy who truly loves you will never be to busy for you, even if he is a workaholic, you will be part of his top priorities and he  would not want to start his day without hearing the sound of your voice. Isn’t that just sweet.

  1. He is not ashamed to be seen with you anywhere.

A guy who truly loves a woman would be proud to take her anywhere. Let me tell you a little secret, a guy who loves a woman sees her beyond a sex partner, it doesn’t matter if she is not up to his standard or class, he would be proud of her anytime, anyday and would do his best to make her look her best. A guy pours a reflection of himself into the woman he loves. It gives him a sort of fulfilment or contentment.

  1. He listens to you

When  a guy loves you, your interests will be of importance to him, he will want to know your plans ans would want to solve yiur problems, because your happiness willbecome his piority. belive it or not a guy hardly listens except he is truly inteested in you. He doesnt have to listen to see give you money or take a situation seriously but when he loves you he will  listen and offer help in everything that concerns you and he will be emotionally involved.

  1. He is comfortable around you

He shares details about himself and he makes sure he is as transparent as possible, so you know that his intentions are clear and pure, no body knows a man like his woman, except God. So when you see a guy being himself around you, he is comfortable being naughty, playing, laughing and crackikg jokes with you, he is really making an effort and he is okay about it, he shows his valnurability, it means he is really into you.

  1. He will go out of his comfort zone for you.

You must have met different guys but you can tell that what is going on with you two is quite different, when a guy leaves his world and tries to get in tune with yours, wants to know what you are all about want to spend time doing the things you love doing or shows commitment to the things you care about, it means he truly loves you.

When he starts to care so much about about your health, the little things that concerns you and takes good care of you. He is truly smitten by you.

  1. He protects and keeps you close

Notice how he always cares about you getting hurt both by people and by things, how he holds your hand in public like he’s scared to get you out of his sight or how he holds you around the shoulder to keep you close to him, he just wants to be around you, don’t balme him if he gets jealous once in a while, it shows that he is really into you. I bet you know there is a toxic side to this but I mean geniune concern being expressed by him.

  1. He has eyes only for you

When a guy likes a woman, he forfeits all other relationships with other ladies for her. It is you he is highly attracted to, it is you he wants, you are his home, you are his world and he has eyes only for you. Girl, if you ever find a guy this crazy about you, don’t let him go, he is a keeper.

  1. He talks about his future with you

Yes the ‘we’ always comes in, he doesn’t leave you out of his plans, he builds a future mentally with you in it and hears your opinion about things that concerns your relationship and how it can grow, he is not afraid to let go of some things just to accommodate you in the picture, he would want to know what you think about kids, the kind of  house you would love to live in and the sustainable ways you two can make what you have work.

A guy who truly loves you, makes you part of his world and his future has you in it.

Watch out for that.

Love is a beautiful thing and if a man shows most and more of this qualities, don’t just dash him off, patiently work on your feelings as well. Something beautiful might just be brewing.



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