The world today requires you to be actively online most of the day, staying updated and being able to carry out certain duties if you are in a work space or just staying in touch with friends. That’s why many believe that data is life. Apart from giving family and loved ones’ money, you could also show them some love by sharing data this helps you stay actively in touch with people you care about. You could make video and online calls.

If you are an MTN user and would love to share data, you are not aware of the code or the procedure, you are about to get enlightened as I would be giving you the steps to use in sharing data.

There are different ways of sharing data on mtn, we have the short code which is the USSD, MTN App and the SMS.

Note that the number you are sending to must also be an mtn number.

To use the USSD code:

I would have said you should dial *131\ but this would be a lit bit long, instead

  • Dial *131*7 on your mobile phone.
  • Different options would appear, choose option 1: Transfer from data balance.
  • Enter the phone number you wish to send to.
  • Select option 1 to complete transaction.

To send data from the MyMTN mobile App:

If you do not have the App on your phone you can download it from google play store.

  • Open the app and login.
  • On the app’s homepage, from the given options choose ‘share’.
  • Options for airtime and data sharing would pop up choose ‘data’
  • Input the amount and the receiver’s phone number.
  • From the options choose ‘proceed’.


I think very few people are aware of the SMS option,

To send data from your phone message app:

  • Type transfer leave a space then the receiver’s phone number another space and the amount. Example Transfer 09033000000 500
  • Send message through the Mtn short code 131.
  • The service provider will respond with a message which is a confirmation to show if your transfer was successful.


You can also share this code with your friends and loved ones.



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